Tips and Techniques to Learn Muay Thai

Irrespective of the style that you practice to learn Muay Thai, you should have a partner. Practicing this sport with another person allows you to improve the required skills. Similarly, when you practice Muay Thai with a partner, you should learn to develop skills for timing, distance, along with accuracy. Apart from training with the partner, you should not overlook practicing martial arts with yourself. This article will teach you Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand.

Warm Up

During training, you are asked to perform these tasks for warm up:

  • Mobility and stretching for 10 minutes
  • Jumping rope for 6 minutes
  • Shadow boxing for 9 minutes

While attending camps, ensure you follow these tips for shadow boxing:

  1. Consider your partner in front of you
  2. Work out at 70% speed for the entire three rounds
  3. Make appropriate use of head and body movement
  4. Pay attention to your footwork
  5. Focus on your feet

These activities performed in Muay Thai sport will help you to learn it.

Heavy Bag Work

During training, you will be asked to perform the following steps on heavy bag:

  1. 50 push kicks
    1. Practice kicks with swing of bag
    2. When bag swings towards you, ensure you stop with push kick
    3. Use appropriate footwork to inculcate reaction time
    4. Instead of waiting for bag in front of you, move side by side and circle the bag
  2. 50 round house kicks per leg
    1. Practice kicking to body parts such as leg, body, and head
    2. Pay attention towards rotation, speed, power, and retraction
  3. 5 rounds freestyle
    1. Use footwork patterns
    2. Ensure you are using all your weapons, defensive techniques, and footwork patterns
    3. Keep in mind that what you practice on bag will happen in the actual fight

These tips and techniques are suggested by the trainers during camps.


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