Muay Thai- Stay fit and ready to fight

Muay Thai, a popular sport of Thailand, is an everyone’s sport as both genders are practicing it for different purposes. Even children of all ages join Muay Thai training camps for exercise, fun or learn the primary techniques of the sport. Some have inborn talent and inclination towards this sport, and some develop interest after joining the camps. These children train themselves to become a ring expert.

Muay Thai for everyone

As Muay Thai is the training of eight limbs, so it is being espoused by many males and females for muscle strength and body fitness. Children and adults enjoy this as a fun sport for entertainment while some turned out to be experts in various clinching techniques of Muay Thai. Besides, as the game uses the whole body for fighting, it can be utilized as a defense mechanism by females and children. With some limitation, children in the age group of 13 to 15 are permitted to compete in the professional fighting. The prevention of head and face is must for young age fighters.

In a male dominated sport of Muay Thai, women are also doing well as they are good listeners, concentrate more and learn faster than men. Men and women both should have physical fitness and proper nutrition to perform well in this sport, the only alteration being that they require different types of motivation to work harder and become experts. While male fighters can be motivated by ego; appreciation and guilt are the weapons that can be used to motivate females.

Not only have the residents of Thailand but also persons all over the globe come to the native place of Muay Thai to learn the art for fitness and expertise. Some leave the training and use the sport for fun and exercise in future while others become professional Muay Thai fighters.