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Getting good at martial arts

Martial arts have the potential to improve your life. Men, women, children – practically all groups of people will be able to benefit from learning how to defend themselves. And since there are many different ways in which you can learn how to defend yourself, it goes without saying that you need to really think for a while on the martial art(s) that you will learn.

If there is one sport and martial art that we recommend to everybody, then it would have to be Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a great option for you to learn how to defend yourself. Namely, you will learn how to attack in 8 different ways – with your hands, your shins, your elbows, and your knees. Hence this martial art is also known by the name of the art of the 8 limbs.

What can you expect from this martial art once you enroll in a training camp? A lot of things. First, you will realize that you need to have a tremendous level of discipline in order to learn all there is about Muay Thai. In this way, you will be developing an important character trait that you can, later on, use in many instances in your life for your benefit.

Then, you will see that you are not made of glass. It’s just how it goes – if you wish to train martial arts, then you will get hit every so often by your training partners and instructors. This is how you learn. Nobody really wants to get hit, but it will make you feel alive. It will also tell you that it’s not the end of the world if you get hit – and even if you get knocked down once in a while. A full knockout can be dangerous though – so make sure that you’re careful about that.

And you will improve your health, big time, with Muay Thai. You will slim down and lose weight, and you will build up your muscle mass – which will effectively make you look better than ever before. Don’t wait up, start training Muay Thai as soon as you can!

How to deal with muscle cramps?

A muscle cramp is something that can happen to anyone at any time. The reasons like Improper diet, over usage of muscle and wrong posture, are some of the factors that contribute to a muscle cramp. It has often seen among people who are into sport and martial art like Muay Thai. This article tells about some actual working tips to get rid of muscle cramp:

1.    Stretching:

If you face muscle cramp in your training camp, first sit down by putting your legs in front of you. Then pull your toes towards you. This will relax the hamstring muscle of your body. If the muscle cramp is on your quads, then bend your leg and pull it towards your back. This will give you some relaxation. Make sure you consult your trainer and ask if you are not overtraining yourself.

2.    Use hot and cold packs

Using hot and cold packs or compression is one of the best treatment for a muscle cramp. Heat is known for relaxing tense muscles and an excellent cure for pain. Apply some heat packs such as a heating pad or a warm towel on your inflamed area. You can also apply ice packs to the injured area to treat swelling and pain.

3.    Increase your magnesium intake

Lack of magnesium in the body is also a reason for frequent muscle cramping. Spinach, almond, pumpkin seeds, yogurt are some of the food that has high magnesium content. For quick relief, you should take a warm bath of Epsom salt. The magnesium in Epsom salt will cure your muscle stiffness and detoxify your body.

4.    Drink ample of water

People who practice Muay Thai, karate and other intensive fitness activities require more water than others. Proper intake of water is necessary to keep your muscle hydrated. Water intake in every half an hour is needed if you are training yourself in hot weather.

Having following all the listed above will make you hardly worried about muscle cramps in future.

The best and unique art that can make you a real fighter

Are you interested in combat sports and want to become a fighter? If yes then Muay Thai training is the best option for you. This is a traditional combat sport of Thailand, and it was invented before hundreds of year. In this unique and unique type of fighting training, you should be more focus on your body as well as the mind. In this combat, the body works as a deadly weapon and can create severe damage to anyone.

Muay Thai also known as the art of eight limbs, and the main reason behind this name is 8 different points of the body are well involved in this act which is more efficient than any other fighting strategy. In this fight, your hand, legs, knees, elbows act as weapons. You need to concentrate all of these body parts because you need to operate the whole body parts as a perfect combo.
Benefits of Muay Thai training:
If you are training Muay Thai act of fight, then you can get many benefits like
 It can make your muscles stronger and powerful
 Increase your body flexibility
 Give you both mental and physical strength
 Increase your self-defense power
 It will keep you fit and strong
Muay Thai training is very much needed, and for this, you need mental strength and hard work. This act is all about skills and perfection. If you can learn all the acts perfectly, then no one can stop you become a good fighter for sure! A good training camp and a good trainer can only make you a good fighter so always choose a registered camp to learn the real tricks of this traditional fighting act. So what are you waiting for? Just join a good Muay Thai training camp and prepare yourself as a real strong fighter.

Improving your skill

Muay Thai is a skill you must practice if you wish to get good at it. In this sense finding the best training camp that you can is one of the best investments of your time and effort, and it will pay big dividends in the long run.

One of the most important things that you need to take care of when training Muay Thai is to work out under the guidance of a qualified, top level instructor. You’d be surprised to know just how important it is to be guided properly. There are so many different details that you won’t be able to pay attention to – but your instructor will. You might think that a jab Is a jab, and a cross is a cross, but this is far from the case, especially for the beginner. You will have to take proper care in order to improve your striking form the best way you can so that you will be able to progress in your Muay Thai skill.

Next off, you will want to train frequently. That’s right, many people think that they can improve if you train once a week. This is not the case, especially when it comes to Muay Thai. You will have to invest a lot more time and effort than that if you wish to improve your skill consistently. Of course, once a week is the bare minimum just so you will be able to learn at least something from your training sessions. But typically, the more you can train, the better – with a small caveat – not to overdo this principle and get overtrained. This is another subject altogether, and we’ll cover it in another article – it’s best to be aware of it for now.

And the most important thing that you could do in order to improve your Muay Thai skill is to believe in yourself. Trust us, you will get into some hurdles along the way. Perhaps improvement will stagnate no matter how hard you train. You will be able to go through these hurdles if you’re persistent and smart, and especially if you believe in yourself. So go and train some Muay Thai right now!

Tactics to deal with tight muscle calf during learning Martial arts

Muay Thai involves the quick movement of body parts, and it causes the muscles below your knees to feel pain, it is called as Shin Splints. If not taken seriously, the gradual progress may lead to cramping and tightening of calf muscles. Often during your training, you may face this. However, there are some easy ways out. Try the followings to regain the strength of your muscles back;

Massage the tight spot:

If you feel the cramp, try massaging it with the tennis ball or a golf ball. Some people even try Foam rollers. To get more knowledge supplement on this, take the help of your fitness expert.

Use basic tapping techniques:

Using tapes, you can give the best support to your calf muscles. You can make this one a daily affair with a Kinesio tape as it helps a lot. Most professionals in Thailand follow this trend.

Intake of supplements:

To make a quick way out, you can consider your daily diet to have magnesium and potassium as supplements. But, it’s primary to understand that a thin line of difference lies between them; the former one goes in and out of our body, but the latter one gets accumulate inside our body as fat.

Muscle warming:

As they teach in every kind of martial art, one of the easiest ways is to keep your muscles warm till they get completely recovered from the cramp. Try to use the warming ointments. However, keep in mind that that ointment must be specific for muscles only, not for any joints.

Some extra care:

Muay Thai involves the quick movement of body parts, and it causes the muscles below your knees to feel pain, it is called as Shin Splints. If not taken seriously, the gradual progress may lead to cramping and tightening of calf muscles. Often during your training, you may face this. However, there are some easy ways out. Try the followings to regain the strength of your muscles back;

This section contains generic advice. We all know that since the very beginning, stretching and strengthening the muscles through some exercises have been useful. Also, one can do easy level stretches to further loosen the tight muscles.