Introduction to Suwit Muay Thai Gym

Introduction to Suwit Muay Thai Gym

The specific type of punches and kicks that are typical for this ancient martial art makes it much more attractive than classic boxing or kickboxing.


Muay Thai or Thai boxing is one of the oldest martial arts in the world. As the name suggests it was created in Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia where it has a status of national sport. It was developed out of regular fighting skills, but what makes it special is its dynamics. One the other hand, what makes it different from classic Western boxing is that there are many clinches in it, throwing of the opponent in the ring, various kicks with the knees and elbows and certain rules allow grabbing and holding the opponent on his legs. All these things make Muay Thai so attractive and training camps all over Thailand are booming. Besides that, Muay Thai became very popular among amateurs and recreationalists because Muay Thai training can help people improve their general fitness, explosiveness of the body and strength.

People usually choose martial arts because they can learn the basic rules of self-defense. However, the speed of movement and the powerful punches and kicks of professional Muay Thai fighters are the things that attract most of the new followers of this combat sport. In addition, the daily efforts to improve the motor skills and master the technique of punches and kicks will develop not only your body, but your mental matrix too. People regardless of their age and gender can be part of Muay Thai training classes. You don’t have to be physically prepared in order to exercise all you need to have is determination and focus.   

Those who are training at Suwit Muay Thai for recreational purposes should have gloves, bandages and focusers and even punching a bag can make a great workout for them. Those who want to get into more serious training should carry a mouthpiece, shin-guards and a helmet. This is something that every trainer in a Muay Thai camp in Thailand will advise.

If Muay Thai is practiced in Suwit Muay Thai training camp and gym you can expect to get yourself in great shape which includes elimination of extra pounds too. We hope that this introduction to Muay Thai will help you join a camp as soon as possible.

The Muay Thai training & room package for 1 month is 11,000  Thai Baht (   320 USD  , 303  Euro) .

News :

People who practice Muay Thai, karate and other intensive fitness activities require more water than others. Proper intake of water is necessary to keep your muscle hydrated. Water intake in every half an hour is needed if you are training yourself in hot weather.

Muay Thai training is very much needed, and for this, you need mental strength and hard work. This act is all about skills and perfection. If you can learn all the acts perfectly, then no one can stop you become a good fighter for sure! A good training camp and a good trainer can only make you a good fighter so always choose a registered camp to learn the real tricks of this traditional fighting act.