How to deal with muscle cramps?

A muscle cramp is something that can happen to anyone at any time. The reasons like Improper diet, over usage of muscle and wrong posture, are some of the factors that contribute to a muscle cramp. It has often seen among people who are into sport and martial art like Muay Thai. This article tells about some actual working tips to get rid of muscle cramp:

1.    Stretching:

If you face muscle cramp in your training camp, first sit down by putting your legs in front of you. Then pull your toes towards you. This will relax the hamstring muscle of your body. If the muscle cramp is on your quads, then bend your leg and pull it towards your back. This will give you some relaxation. Make sure you consult your trainer and ask if you are not overtraining yourself.

2.    Use hot and cold packs

Using hot and cold packs or compression is one of the best treatment for a muscle cramp. Heat is known for relaxing tense muscles and an excellent cure for pain. Apply some heat packs such as a heating pad or a warm towel on your inflamed area. You can also apply ice packs to the injured area to treat swelling and pain.

3.    Increase your magnesium intake

Lack of magnesium in the body is also a reason for frequent muscle cramping. Spinach, almond, pumpkin seeds, yogurt are some of the food that has high magnesium content. For quick relief, you should take a warm bath of Epsom salt. The magnesium in Epsom salt will cure your muscle stiffness and detoxify your body.

4.    Drink ample of water

People who practice Muay Thai, karate and other intensive fitness activities require more water than others. Proper intake of water is necessary to keep your muscle hydrated. Water intake in every half an hour is needed if you are training yourself in hot weather.

Having following all the listed above will make you hardly worried about muscle cramps in future.