Muay Thai: An art of self-defense

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, which is a form of martial arts practiced in many parts of the world. This sport is very famous in the south Asian countries and is also referred by the name of “The Art of the Eight Limbs”. Player of this art excels in using the eight limbs: knees, elbows, hands and shins for striking the opponent.

Muay Thai is not just a form of sport, but it is the very effective self-defensive art too. For learning this art, for getting trained, one doesn’t need to be in shape. This sport is based on skills. All you need to do is to focus on techniques and do the training with patience. Initially, things will be little difficult, but constant practice, patience, and focus will make the way smoother.

In the beginning, things may be little tight, and to cope with it, you may need to give some extra time in it. There are many camps and gyms available worldwide for this art. Some camps are specially built only to teach Muay Thai.


In this training, one uses their limbs to attack the opponent, and hence increases the overall strength of body. It is believed that a regular practitioner of Muay Thai has a better leg and core strength. Also, they have better mobility from hip areas and are less stressed. So in all, learning this art can improve health too.


Coming to the self-defense mechanism, then Muay Thai is not very strong art, and one can learn it on online too. There are many youtube videos for that. Women, weak people can use this as a defence mechanism for themselves as it involves mostly limb movements.


So, in all, Muay Thai is an overall very beneficial activity which can improve out lifestyle to a great extent.


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