A sport for prevent yourself

A good defense is the Muay Thai base. Scrolling to dodge hits would be the best when it is not possible you should block. Nor is there time to prevent the blows? Below are some tips on how you can improve your defense.

1. Make shade
The first advice to enhance your defense would be merely to make the shadow. When you start with Muay Thai sport, it is imperative to do it little by little, so it is best to be there making shade in front of mirrors or with your companions and start a lot with the displacement. Making the steps back, forward, lateral, diagonal, to begin to avoid in your mind the blows that come. You can practice the Lob. You can practice the elusive and the blocks by taking care of your health. It is all essential to being practicing first in shadow quietly during training, without your partner, without your opponent, that he is already trying to hit you.
2. Train your agility
For the second advice, is to train a lot your agility, the more agile you are, because it is easier to avoid the blows, be sure they do not reach you. It is easy to block them and be hard, but I think that at the beginning it is better to avoid being hit. So your opponent gets tired more.
3. A good resistance
It is also essential to train your resistance a lot so that you can do the same when you start with the first round and when you are in the fifth round. Very important that you have an excellent resistance, for when the blow comes, you block it, you can hold it well in the first round and then when you start in the last round and it hits you with the same force, that you can block it just as well. That you do not slip and fall, because of course, the balance is very important and punctuates it well.

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