Self Defense, Health and Few Other Things with Muay Thai

Have you checked the latest statistics on crime rates? Sadly, there are only a small number of areas where the crime rates are going down. For some reason, there are more criminals out there and what is even more shocking is that the number of violent crimes is growing rapidly. These criminals are usually preying on victims that they consider weak and rob them. There are many cases where women are attacked because men consider them weaker. If you are a man and a woman that is worried about their safety, you should definitely start training Muay Thai.

For those who didn’t know, Muay Thai started as a self-defense discipline many centuries ago and it was used by soldiers, warriors and ordinary people in Thailand. After that it became a sport and a fitness for lose weight activity. Muay Thai training includes the practice of many different movements combined with series of punches, throws, falls and kicks with one goal – disabling the opponent.

Any individual can travel to Thailand and join a Muay Thai training camp there. You don’t have to be strong or meet certain criteria. This is the beauty of this training. Once you finish this training course successfully you will be able to defeat attackers that are taller and larger than you.

Muay Thai training classes are taken on a daily basis and they last for about 1 to 2 hours. In this period of time, the trainer will help you learn some new moves and techniques that can help you protect yourself. He will also encourage you to use some equipment and machines to improve your strength. Don’t forget that Muay Thai training brings many other benefits like the chance to improve your health. Thanks to the intense exercises you will optimize the work of all organs and body parts and improve your health in general. People who are practicing Muay Thai are calmer and more relaxed. They are also more self-confident which makes them unlikely target of street thugs.

So, use your next holiday to go to Thailand and start practicing this incredible sport.

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