Muay Thai and 3 things you must know as a woman fighter

Fighting Muay Thai as a woman is a sense of rewarding itself but it takes a hardship to maintain the repo within this male dominating sport. In this regard, there are few things worth accepting from advance if you are going to join any unisex Muay Thai training camp very soon.

1.    You have to rub your shoulders with men:

If you want to up your Muay skills through best masters, it is very likely that you have to wrap up and warm up with boys. Situations may show up where you have to actually convince your male opponent to hit you without having any gender biasing inside. Throw bombs, lob kicks at your opponent face and accept the same from him with a sporting spirit.

2.    Weight cutting and fitness:

To make those swift quick moves, it is primary to loose weight of the body. A lean figure gets more cutting advantage in Muay Thai over muscular ones. Therefore, get ready to go through an extensive fitness diet plan and to do some more cardio. Some fighters are even so professional that they cut the last minute water through Sauna.

3.    Learning bisexual fighting skills:

It is good if you have decided to make your training more impactful by fighting with men during learning phase but the inside ring situation will be completely different. You will see the more aggressive version of you in a faceoff fight. Public just go insane for women fight and that’s where you have to maintain inner balance without losing temperament while throwing your moves.

It is no doubt that you will learn more attention as a women Muay fighter provided you will continue to amaze others with your skills, even the children. It can be best fostered if you will carry a social obligatory inside of your heart to become an ideal example and a source of inspiration for other women in future.

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