Popular Myths about Muay Thai that are blindly believed to be true

Muay Thai being a popular fighting skill is widely rumored through several false stories and myths. Any newbie assumes them to be true and starts following the myth cultures blindly. If you are also a going-to-be trainee, be aware of the following top Myths that you must not give attention to.

Muay Thai is only for Boys:

For long years, it was a common misconception that Muay Thai is a male’s sport and women can’t be a part of this due to their weak health. They were restricted from entering into the ring to keep it sacred but the advent of change-over world, things have gone upside down. Now, women championship are openly held not only in Thailand but also all over the world and girls are learning this combat to spice up their fitness regime.

Connection with Spirituality:

It has been told to most that they might be exposed to Thai spirituality on their way of learning the combat and anyone who ignores it faces the wrath of spiritual gods. It is desirable that the fighter most learn both the physical and spiritual aspect of the sport with equal importance.

Kicking Banana trees:

Movies have all the times to show this as an ancient way to strengthen the shin but the original truth is something different. These were used to be the condition prior to the punching bags and Pad era. Also, those trees were used to be the young ones which are even softer than punching bags. Even if some fighters do practice the same but they have trained to do so since their childhood. The reason behind, repetitive stress on their shins helps in thickening the calcium density in their bones to handle hard tasks.

Fighters have to stay in a small bamboo cottage:

This is another most popularly rumored myth that says fighters must stay in a small bamboo cottage nearby any beach to learn the spirit of the sport more deeply; one will learn to get adjusted with uncomfortable situaions and that will help him to stay connected with the difficulty phases of the training in the camp.

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