Knowing these things will make the learning of Muay Thai fighting process easier

Before 1920, there were no such developed techniques in Muay Thai. Unavailability of boxing gloves was compelling the fighters to wrap substantial thickness cotton cloths around their fist, but with the passage of time, the popularity has taken the world on the storm, and knowledge aspirers from around the corner of the world are flooding in Thailand for training. If you are also one of them, it’s time to gain some primary knowledge on the same.

Thailand is the best option:

Thailand has the best training camps where the learning process gets quality with the presence of experienced Muay Thai trainers. Thailand is known to host a big number of foreigners each year those who come just to learn the act of manliness that Muay Thai has.

What is the actual training?

The daily menu of exercise is something like this;

  Extensive skipping or running with a thick plastic rope

  15-30 minutes of stretching and wrapping of hands

  An alternative exercising of clinching and footwork for half an hour

  5×heavy bag work (for 5 minutes)

  5×Pad work with trainer on one-on-one (for 5 minutes)

Apart from the above the trainees also go through multiple session of clinching and sparring that lasts up to 3-5 minutes, on an alternate basis.

Mode of accommodation:

The intensity and volume of training require a rigorous exercise of your limit on a daily basis. There is a common myth that trainers need to accommodate in a rough wooden shell, which is not entirely accurate. It is optional; rather, the trainees deliberately choose that option because they want to learn it really “rough”.

However, as we know, the place is paradise for Muay Thai aspires, there are a number of the budget friendly guest house, bungalows and hotels those serve the purpose well keeping the good health of trainees on cards.

Thailand is an excellent place to travel, and people are incredibly delightful. If ever you make mind to learn Muay Thai, go to Thailand without giving it any second thought.


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