Popular Myths about Muay Thai that are blindly believed to be true

Muay Thai being a popular fighting skill is widely rumored through several false stories and myths. Any newbie assumes them to be true and starts following the myth cultures blindly. If you are also a going-to-be trainee, be aware of the following top Myths that you must not give attention to.

Muay Thai is only for Boys:

For long years, it was a common misconception that Muay Thai is a male’s sport and women can’t be a part of this due to their weak health. They were restricted from entering into the ring to keep it sacred but the advent of change-over world, things have gone upside down. Now, women championship are openly held not only in Thailand but also all over the world and girls are learning this combat to spice up their fitness regime.

Connection with Spirituality:

It has been told to most that they might be exposed to Thai spirituality on their way of learning the combat and anyone who ignores it faces the wrath of spiritual gods. It is desirable that the fighter most learn both the physical and spiritual aspect of the sport with equal importance.

Kicking Banana trees:

Movies have all the times to show this as an ancient way to strengthen the shin but the original truth is something different. These were used to be the condition prior to the punching bags and Pad era. Also, those trees were used to be the young ones which are even softer than punching bags. Even if some fighters do practice the same but they have trained to do so since their childhood. The reason behind, repetitive stress on their shins helps in thickening the calcium density in their bones to handle hard tasks.

Fighters have to stay in a small bamboo cottage:

This is another most popularly rumored myth that says fighters must stay in a small bamboo cottage nearby any beach to learn the spirit of the sport more deeply; one will learn to get adjusted with uncomfortable situaions and that will help him to stay connected with the difficulty phases of the training in the camp.

Knowing these things will make the learning of Muay Thai fighting process easier

Before 1920, there were no such developed techniques in Muay Thai. Unavailability of boxing gloves was compelling the fighters to wrap substantial thickness cotton cloths around their fist, but with the passage of time, the popularity has taken the world on the storm, and knowledge aspirers from around the corner of the world are flooding in Thailand for training. If you are also one of them, it’s time to gain some primary knowledge on the same.

Thailand is the best option:

Thailand has the best training camps where the learning process gets quality with the presence of experienced Muay Thai trainers. Thailand is known to host a big number of foreigners each year those who come just to learn the act of manliness that Muay Thai has.

What is the actual training?

The daily menu of exercise is something like this;

  Extensive skipping or running with a thick plastic rope

  15-30 minutes of stretching and wrapping of hands

  An alternative exercising of clinching and footwork for half an hour

  5×heavy bag work (for 5 minutes)

  5×Pad work with trainer on one-on-one (for 5 minutes)

Apart from the above the trainees also go through multiple session of clinching and sparring that lasts up to 3-5 minutes, on an alternate basis.

Mode of accommodation:

The intensity and volume of training require a rigorous exercise of your limit on a daily basis. There is a common myth that trainers need to accommodate in a rough wooden shell, which is not entirely accurate. It is optional; rather, the trainees deliberately choose that option because they want to learn it really “rough”.

However, as we know, the place is paradise for Muay Thai aspires, there are a number of the budget friendly guest house, bungalows and hotels those serve the purpose well keeping the good health of trainees on cards.

Thailand is an excellent place to travel, and people are incredibly delightful. If ever you make mind to learn Muay Thai, go to Thailand without giving it any second thought.


Muay Thai and its facts

Muay Thai is one of the top 10 martial arts for which various trainings are scheduled. It is the national game played in Thailand. In the twentieth century, this national game became famous internationally. People of western zone consider Muay Thai as a Thai kickboxing instead of martial arts.

So, are you interested in sharpening your Muay Thai techniques? Muay Thai has amazing techniques that are also the part of martial arts. While playing this sport of Thailand, the boxers use clinching techniques. Some such techniques are punching, elbow, kicking, knee, foot-thrust, clinch and neck wrestling. Apart from these, other techniques involved in Muay Thai are advanced defensive moves and sweeps.

Camps are conducted to ensure that the boxers practice and seek perfection in basic Muay Thai techniques. You should also look at tutorials and videos to learn punches of Thai boxing techniques. If you want perfection in Muay Thai, integrate nuts in your daily routine. To excel in this famous sport of Thailand, you really need to sharpen your techniques and build muscles. The Muay Thai fighters also love to play with footwork and angles to defeat their partners.

Every fighter and Muay Thai trainer should be capable of developing power by regular workouts. In this article, you will not get the details of all the tactics of this sport. You should attend camps to improve mental training and learn these tactics as well as strategies to win the game. Right approach to win this sport is to build power, speed, and accuracy in all the eight limbs. Watching more and more videos will surely help you to pick the tactics and excel in the sport. In these videos, you will find handful of Muay Thai drills that you can include in your training.

Watch out videos, attend camps, and seek practice to win the Muay Thai competition.

Traditional Muay Thai

Learning Muay Thai is said to preach the art of manliness, but a large number of aspirers get confused between the traditional one and the new Dutch style. Here is the difference that you must know if you have made your mind to move to any training camp of Thailand.
Traditional Muay Thai:
In traditional Muay Thai, there present is a bouncing rhythm as well as marching rhythm in which feet moves in resonance with the hands. It may also require putting the weight on the rear foot, tapping of front foot, etc. Also, the distance between the stances is pretty narrow, and one can lift the knees for blocking or kicking purpose.
The centre of focus is on following elements;
-Clinch fighting
Attritional style of fighting is more common to stand in front of each other and to attack. If any fighter will take a step back or will slow down, he will lose the battle.
Dutch Style fighting:
Now when it comes to a Dutch style, the natural pose gets a little alternation. For instance, unlike traditional style, the stance here is a little wider, hips are going to experience slighter movement, and more focus will be on punches rather than kicks. This standard methodology can be seen in any training camp.
Like traditional fighters, Dutch Muay fighters also do the finishing with high lower kicks, but throw-in more punches to the opponent. However, the training is very hardcore to build a stronger health profile as it is needed in traditional Muay Thai. To look into the difference with more clarity, it wise to compare the playing style of some regular players with that of Dutch Muay players.
Names like “Buakaw”, “Pakorn”, “Senchai”,”Samart”,”Somrak” are associated with traditional Muay Thai champions.