Muay Thai is a sport for fitness

Muay Thai can be defined as a sport designed with the aim of improving the level of fitness and toughness that is required for competing in a ring. Training sessions include many kinds of combat sport such as body weight resistance exercises, rope jumping, shadowboxing, running, medicine ball exercises, weight training, abdominal exercises, etc. Many camps in Thailand service training and room for tourist to lose weight and maintain good health with training.

Muay Thai is a combat sport discipline which originated in Thailand. It utilizes striking in a stand-up position together with clinching techniques of various forms. This mental and physical sport that involves combat on shins is referred to as “the art of eight limbs”; this is because it features the use of elbows, shins, keens, fists, and a good physical readiness that increases the efficiency of a complete combat fighter.

The training that is unique to a Thai fighter includes focus mitts, training with coaches on Thai Pads, heavy bag, and sparring. A typical daily training session includes many rounds of between 3 and 5 minute periods with intermittent short rest, about one to two minutes of these different practice methods.
Thai Pad training is the hallmark of Muay Thai which includes practicing kicks, punches, elbows and knees hits with a trainer putting on thick pads to cover the hands and forearms. These unique pads (commonly called Thai pads) are used to receive the weight of the strikes from the fighter and enable the fighter to respond to the challenge of the pad holder in a real challenge. The trainer usually wears a belly pad around the abdominal area to enable the fighter attack with straight kicks to the body at any time.
The most popular kicks in Muay Thai are known as the te chiang (upward kick) or roundhouse kick and the thip (“foot jab”). The te chiang uses a round movement of the whole body and has been largely emulated by fighters who are into other combat sports. This kick is performed when the leg behind is just a few distance back (about shoulder width) as opposed to upper- body combat (e.g. boxing) whereby the legs must maintain a larger base. A round-house kick is made powerful largely by the rounded movement of the hips. Counter rotation of the arms and shoulders are also often used to add torque to the lower body and increase the power of the kick as well.
The elbow can be used as a weapon in many ways: uppercut, horizontal, diagonal-upwards, downward, diagonal-downwards, flying, and backward-spinning. It can be used as a finishing move. It can also be used to cut the opponent’s eyebrow so that his vision might be covered by the flow of blood. The diagonal elbows are quicker than the other types but are not so severe. The elbow strike is believed to be the most fatal form of attack in Muay Thai.

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