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Muay Thai and its facts

Muay Thai is one of the top 10 martial arts for which various trainings are scheduled. It is the national game played in Thailand. In the twentieth century, this national game became famous internationally. People of western zone consider Muay Thai as a Thai kickboxing instead of martial arts.

So, are you interested in sharpening your Muay Thai techniques? Muay Thai has amazing techniques that are also the part of martial arts. While playing this sport of Thailand, the boxers use clinching techniques. Some such techniques are punching, elbow, kicking, knee, foot-thrust, clinch and neck wrestling. Apart from these, other techniques involved in Muay Thai are advanced defensive moves and sweeps.

Camps are conducted to ensure that the boxers practice and seek perfection in basic Muay Thai techniques. You should also look at tutorials and videos to learn punches of Thai boxing techniques. If you want perfection in Muay Thai, integrate nuts in your daily routine. To excel in this famous sport of Thailand, you really need to sharpen your techniques and build muscles. The Muay Thai fighters also love to play with footwork and angles to defeat their partners.

Every fighter and Muay Thai trainer should be capable of developing power by regular workouts. In this article, you will not get the details of all the tactics of this sport. You should attend camps to improve mental training and learn these tactics as well as strategies to win the game. Right approach to win this sport is to build power, speed, and accuracy in all the eight limbs. Watching more and more videos will surely help you to pick the tactics and excel in the sport. In these videos, you will find handful of Muay Thai drills that you can include in your training.

Watch out videos, attend camps, and seek practice to win the Muay Thai competition.

Traditional Muay Thai

Learning Muay Thai is said to preach the art of manliness, but a large number of aspirers get confused between the traditional one and the new Dutch style. Here is the difference that you must know if you have made your mind to move to any training camp of Thailand.
Traditional Muay Thai:
In traditional Muay Thai, there present is a bouncing rhythm as well as marching rhythm in which feet moves in resonance with the hands. It may also require putting the weight on the rear foot, tapping of front foot, etc. Also, the distance between the stances is pretty narrow, and one can lift the knees for blocking or kicking purpose.
The centre of focus is on following elements;
-Clinch fighting
Attritional style of fighting is more common to stand in front of each other and to attack. If any fighter will take a step back or will slow down, he will lose the battle.
Dutch Style fighting:
Now when it comes to a Dutch style, the natural pose gets a little alternation. For instance, unlike traditional style, the stance here is a little wider, hips are going to experience slighter movement, and more focus will be on punches rather than kicks. This standard methodology can be seen in any training camp.
Like traditional fighters, Dutch Muay fighters also do the finishing with high lower kicks, but throw-in more punches to the opponent. However, the training is very hardcore to build a stronger health profile as it is needed in traditional Muay Thai. To look into the difference with more clarity, it wise to compare the playing style of some regular players with that of Dutch Muay players.
Names like “Buakaw”, “Pakorn”, “Senchai”,”Samart”,”Somrak” are associated with traditional Muay Thai champions.

Tips and Techniques to Learn Muay Thai

Irrespective of the style that you practice to learn Muay Thai, you should have a partner. Practicing this sport with another person allows you to improve the required skills. Similarly, when you practice Muay Thai with a partner, you should learn to develop skills for timing, distance, along with accuracy. Apart from training with the partner, you should not overlook practicing martial arts with yourself. This article will teach you Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand.

Warm Up

During training, you are asked to perform these tasks for warm up:

  • Mobility and stretching for 10 minutes
  • Jumping rope for 6 minutes
  • Shadow boxing for 9 minutes

While attending camps, ensure you follow these tips for shadow boxing:

  1. Consider your partner in front of you
  2. Work out at 70% speed for the entire three rounds
  3. Make appropriate use of head and body movement
  4. Pay attention to your footwork
  5. Focus on your feet

These activities performed in Muay Thai sport will help you to learn it.

Heavy Bag Work

During training, you will be asked to perform the following steps on heavy bag:

  1. 50 push kicks
    1. Practice kicks with swing of bag
    2. When bag swings towards you, ensure you stop with push kick
    3. Use appropriate footwork to inculcate reaction time
    4. Instead of waiting for bag in front of you, move side by side and circle the bag
  2. 50 round house kicks per leg
    1. Practice kicking to body parts such as leg, body, and head
    2. Pay attention towards rotation, speed, power, and retraction
  3. 5 rounds freestyle
    1. Use footwork patterns
    2. Ensure you are using all your weapons, defensive techniques, and footwork patterns
    3. Keep in mind that what you practice on bag will happen in the actual fight

These tips and techniques are suggested by the trainers during camps.


Muay Thai: An art of self-defense

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, which is a form of martial arts practiced in many parts of the world. This sport is very famous in the south Asian countries and is also referred by the name of “The Art of the Eight Limbs”. Player of this art excels in using the eight limbs: knees, elbows, hands and shins for striking the opponent.

Muay Thai is not just a form of sport, but it is the very effective self-defensive art too. For learning this art, for getting trained, one doesn’t need to be in shape. This sport is based on skills. All you need to do is to focus on techniques and do the training with patience. Initially, things will be little difficult, but constant practice, patience, and focus will make the way smoother.

In the beginning, things may be little tight, and to cope with it, you may need to give some extra time in it. There are many camps and gyms available worldwide for this art. Some camps are specially built only to teach Muay Thai.


In this training, one uses their limbs to attack the opponent, and hence increases the overall strength of body. It is believed that a regular practitioner of Muay Thai has a better leg and core strength. Also, they have better mobility from hip areas and are less stressed. So in all, learning this art can improve health too.


Coming to the self-defense mechanism, then Muay Thai is not very strong art, and one can learn it on online too. There are many youtube videos for that. Women, weak people can use this as a defence mechanism for themselves as it involves mostly limb movements.


So, in all, Muay Thai is an overall very beneficial activity which can improve out lifestyle to a great extent.


Muay Thai – The Art Of Eight Limbs

Have you heard about the art of eight limbs? That’s just a nickname for Muay Thai or Thai boxing as people call this incredible sport and martial art. The name is self-explanatory – Muay Thai relies on the eight limbs of our body – the knees, the feet, the elbows and the fists/hands. For many people, Muay Thai is nothing else than an attractive combat sport that they love watching. But, there is another thing that made this old sport from Thailand popular around the globe.

More than a decade ago, many people have witnessed the emergence of the so-called fitness craze and most of them have started exploring the different fitness options that they have. The poor lifestyle choices have affected the health of almost every adult man and woman. Today, these health issues are present even more – obesity, overweight, diabetes, cancer etc. People have figured out that in order to stay healthy they will need to take physical activity more seriously. So, they’ve started looking for a fun, dynamic sport that can provide quick results. This is where Muay Thai comes into play.

If you want to create more free time for exercising and you want to enjoy this activity, it is the best option to use your next holiday in Thailand where you can join a Muay Thai training camp.

Thailand is one of the best holiday options available to people today. On the other hand, these Muay Thai training camps have special programs for tourists looking to experience the benefits of this sport in a short period of time. After two hours of intense training, you should start feeling better. Of course, these positive effects will increase after every day spent in the camp. Muay Thai training is beneficial for literally every aspect of your health. From well-toned body and better cardiovascular system to better mood and stress elimination – Muay Thai is here to help modern men and women boost their health fast. In addition, this sport will give you a chance to start a new fitness routine that you can practice at home.