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The best place to travel to during the holidays

Of so many different exotic locations around the world, we have one place that we’ve handpicked, that we’d like to recommend to you. It’s the beautiful country of Thailand. There are so many different reasons why you should visit this place no matter who you are, that we frankly ask ourselves why you haven’t done so already.

Now, this article will zone in on one particular reason why you should visit Thailand, and you’ll be delighted by this reason especially if you have any interests towards the world of the martial arts. The reason to go to Thailand that we’re talking about, is the martial art of Muay Thai. It’s a devastating way to attack and defend yourself. If you visit a Muay Thai training camp, you will learn so much on self-defense, that you’ll turn yourself into a deadly machine. You’ll learn to attack and defend with all of the key points of your body when it comes to striking and defending – such as the elbows, the fists, the knees and the shins. You’ll even use your feet for various push kicks.
If you’ve seen a Muay Thai fight, you’ve definitely realized that the fighters are in top shape. They are 100% pure muscle, and they have really low levels of body fat. This makes them mobile and nimble, but also really strong. If you start training Muay Thai, you will realize that you are improving your health with each new training session. Your body fat levels will drop, while your muscle mass increases at the same time. You’ll be improving the functioning capacities of most any organ in your body – as our bodies were created to move, so using them while training Muay Thai will pay off dividends to you in many different ways.
In the end, we’d like to mention that life is pretty cheap in Thailand, as compared to life in the west. No matter who you are, or where you come from, we believe that you will be able to save up some money and visit this country. Do it as soon as you can.

Muay Thai- Stay fit and ready to fight

Muay Thai, a popular sport of Thailand, is an everyone’s sport as both genders are practicing it for different purposes. Even children of all ages join Muay Thai training camps for exercise, fun or learn the primary techniques of the sport. Some have inborn talent and inclination towards this sport, and some develop interest after joining the camps. These children train themselves to become a ring expert.

Muay Thai for everyone

As Muay Thai is the training of eight limbs, so it is being espoused by many males and females for muscle strength and body fitness. Children and adults enjoy this as a fun sport for entertainment while some turned out to be experts in various clinching techniques of Muay Thai. Besides, as the game uses the whole body for fighting, it can be utilized as a defense mechanism by females and children. With some limitation, children in the age group of 13 to 15 are permitted to compete in the professional fighting. The prevention of head and face is must for young age fighters.

In a male dominated sport of Muay Thai, women are also doing well as they are good listeners, concentrate more and learn faster than men. Men and women both should have physical fitness and proper nutrition to perform well in this sport, the only alteration being that they require different types of motivation to work harder and become experts. While male fighters can be motivated by ego; appreciation and guilt are the weapons that can be used to motivate females.

Not only have the residents of Thailand but also persons all over the globe come to the native place of Muay Thai to learn the art for fitness and expertise. Some leave the training and use the sport for fun and exercise in future while others become professional Muay Thai fighters.

Muay Thai for good health

What can you expect from training martial arts? A lot of things. First of all, you will know how to defend yourself in critical situations. Of course, the martial arts aren’t the end-all of all harm that may happen to you if you get in a fight. Far from it – someone may still pull out a knife and stick it in your body if you’re not careful enough, no matter if you have practiced martial arts for thousands of hours. But it still means that you will have the upper hand in hand to hand combat situations that may arise.

Now, you could train any martial art. But everybody knows that not all of them are the same. Some focus on the legs and kicks. Some focus on the arms and punches. And some involve all the elements of striking, kicking, and grappling work. They all have their good sides and bad sides. It’s best for you to think for a while before making your final choice as to what to train.

But if there’s one thing that we’d like to recommend you to train, it’s what we think is the best martial art in existence – the art of Muay Thai. If you wish to train this martial art, then we advise you to consider taking up a Muay Thai training program in the country of Thailand. This is, in fact, the birthplace of said martial art, and we know that you will go forward with your knowledge in leaps and bounds if you go here to train.

The martial art of Muay Thai utilizes the eight points of attack of your body. This means that you will learn how to strike with your fists, your elbows, your shins, and your knees. This knowledge will make your body into a powerhouse, and it will make you a potential killing machine. Of course, you will learn the basic tenets of being a martial artist along the way, so you will know when and how to use the martial arts and when it’s appropriate to do so. Enjoy training Muay Thai in Thailand.

Tips to Save Money on Travel with Sport

If someone asks the name of a country that is blessed by the God, then the name of Thailand will come among the Top 5 countries. Some of the countries have been blessed with oil mines, coal mines, gold mines, uranium, etc. but Thailand is the country that has been blessed with natural beauty, beaches, and sceneries. And, these three elements attract people from all over the world. Though, God has cherished Thailand with a special effect, the people of this country have considered the blessing very seriously and in such a way that people all over the world praise Thailand for its culture, sports, and diversity.

People here are very friendly and the culture makes everyone love and help. Also, Muay Thai helps people stay fit and healthy while opening the doors to become an expert and represent the country at international sports fest. Moreover, you can save money when you travel to Thailand and learn Muay Thai.
Muay Thai is a beneficial sport that brings some benefits your way. For example, it makes you fit. It makes you energetic. It makes you healthy. It removes fat from your body. It gives you a chance to get fame by getting selecting at state, national, and international level. But, to learn Muay Thai, you may need to invest a substantial amount of money when you are out of Thailand. Getting its training can be costly out of Thailand, but when you are here on a holiday session, you can join a training camp and learn the basics of this art.
Yes, even if you learn the basics and go back to your country, you can keep practicing it on a daily basis. This way you can save an enormous amount of money, which could have been given to a personal trainer in your country. The second benefit is that the charges for Muay Thai in the training camps are comparatively very less in Thailand than any other country because this country produces experts in a high quantity every year.

Everyone can learn Muay Thai

The world of martial arts is somewhat of a no-go zone for most people. This is because all humans have an instinctive fear of violence. We would like nothing more than evading the prospect of violence in any way we can. And sometimes this may prove to stunt our growth as human beings.

Well, if you agree with the notion from the introductory paragraph, then we recommend you to try out Muay Thai. You can find a training camp of this martial art easily in the country of Thailand – the birthplace of Muay Thai. Now, our point with this recommendation is to tell you that anyone can learn martial arts in general, and Muay Thai in specific.

When it comes to the improvement of your health, then there is no better way to go about it than through martial arts. Of course, there are some styles that don’t incorporate a lot of physical activity, but they focus on the meditative, spiritual qualities of martial arts instead. These are not so good when it comes to the improvement of physical health.

But Muay Thai will offer an incredible chance to improve your health and fitness, both for men and women. It incorporates demanding physical movement, one which will enable you to increase your overall muscle mass, and decrease the levels of fat.

You shouldn’t worry about whether you’ll be able to take Muay Thai classes. We assure you, everyone – save for those with a doctor’s prohibition – can train Muay Thai. So, no matter who you are, you should hop on a car, boat, or plane to Thailand, in order to try out this one of a kind martial art that will turn you into a better version of yourself.

But of course, the core of martial arts isn’t to take care of your health. It’s to learn to defend yourself, your close ones, and your property if a situation should arise. You will be better equipped to prevail if you know Muay Thai. So, as you see, there are many reasons why you should travel to Thailand and train Muay Thai. Get on it!