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Learning self-defense through martial arts

Most people are well aware of the fact that the world we live in isn’t exactly the safest place. Of course, we have made dramatic progress as compared to the situation of not that long ago, and today we are comparatively safer. We have the police and the army taking care of our safety, and we can go about our day to day lives without worrying a lot about our safety. But of course, neither the police nor the army offers foolproof protection from harm. After all, a bad person may jump us when we turn on a corner, and they may attack as.

What do you to in such a situation? Well, if you’re a regular person, then chances are that you will flip out and freeze, or run away. Or start waving your arms menacingly hoping that your foe will get scared. This is not your best course of action, of course. What you will want to do in such a scenario is to have a few self-defense technique at the ready in order to be able to protect yourself.

So, you can learn these self-defense methods through the martial arts. And we sincerely recommend you to find a Muay Thai training camp as soon as you can, in order to improve your fighting skill and fitness level as well. If you go and train Muay Thai, a few things will begin to happen.

First, as mentioned, you will improve your fitness, no matter who you are or where your starting point is. Second, you will learn how to defend yourself in a dire situation when you’re attacked. Of course, even the best martial artist in the world can lose a fighting duel to the world’s most unfit person at times – fights are known to be extremely volatile and unpredictable. So, no matter who you are, your best course of action is always to avoid any fighting whatsoever. Fight only if you have to – and only if you know how to do it and have confidence in your skills. Muay Thai can give this to you – so we recommend you to start training Muay Thai immediately.

Muay Thai and 3 things you must know as a woman fighter

Fighting Muay Thai as a woman is a sense of rewarding itself but it takes a hardship to maintain the repo within this male dominating sport. In this regard, there are few things worth accepting from advance if you are going to join any unisex Muay Thai training camp very soon.

1.    You have to rub your shoulders with men:

If you want to up your Muay skills through best masters, it is very likely that you have to wrap up and warm up with boys. Situations may show up where you have to actually convince your male opponent to hit you without having any gender biasing inside. Throw bombs, lob kicks at your opponent face and accept the same from him with a sporting spirit.

2.    Weight cutting and fitness:

To make those swift quick moves, it is primary to loose weight of the body. A lean figure gets more cutting advantage in Muay Thai over muscular ones. Therefore, get ready to go through an extensive fitness diet plan and to do some more cardio. Some fighters are even so professional that they cut the last minute water through Sauna.

3.    Learning bisexual fighting skills:

It is good if you have decided to make your training more impactful by fighting with men during learning phase but the inside ring situation will be completely different. You will see the more aggressive version of you in a faceoff fight. Public just go insane for women fight and that’s where you have to maintain inner balance without losing temperament while throwing your moves.

It is no doubt that you will learn more attention as a women Muay fighter provided you will continue to amaze others with your skills, even the children. It can be best fostered if you will carry a social obligatory inside of your heart to become an ideal example and a source of inspiration for other women in future.

Should you learn Muay Thai during holiday?

When someone visits Thailand, the very first question that comes in his or her mind is, should I learn Muay Thai during my holidays in Thailand? This is an obvious question that everyone who is going to Thailand for more than 10 days will ask herself or himself. The reason is the popularity of Muay Thai. Yes, Muay Thai is popular all over the world. People know that it is the national sport of Thailand. They also know that it is a part of fight sport in Olympics. They also know that it is a great resource to loss weight and attain the desired fitness.

Well, it has so many qualities but still people ask a question about learning it. This is because learning this art is not an easy job. It demands time and practise but if you want to use it for weight loss and fitness achievement then you must learn this.
To loss weight and get the best fitness, you need only half an hour to one hour a day under supervision of an expert for starting few days and thereafter, you can follow the instructions provided by the trainer. It means when you are in Thailand for holidays, you may want to join a training camp where you can get basic training and instructions about Muay Thai so that when you go back home, you can practise it yourself.
The best part of considering learning this art in Thailand is it gives you lots of opportunities and ease of finding a training camp. Thailand is the house of Muay Thai and here you will find 100s of training camps to learn Muay Thai. Even some of the camps do not ask you to pay anything and they will support you by providing basic training and providing tips to loss weight and get fitness that you would have ever wanted to gain. So do not waste your holidays just by exploring the beauty of Thailand. Spare an hour every day to learn this art so that you can bring back some great memories.


How Muay Thai Fighters calculate their calorie intake

Muay Thai fighters need to be short on fat muscles as the inside ring situation demands swift movements of body parts. Therefore attaining a specific body weight level becomes primary for each athlete. However, every newbie fails to attain that on first.

Specific calculation says, a continuous 2-hour muscle session inside a Muay Thai camp can burn almost 1200-1500 calories, but it mostly depends on the level of the activity and the way you are doing it. Now, if you want to get into the shape by losing some weight, then you must monitor some calories you burn per day.

By a simple method, you can know how many calories you need as input on a daily basis to attain the desired weight level. But, before that, you need to have a basic understanding of these two terms. 

1. Base Metabolic Rate:

This number indicates some calories your body burn while completely at rest without doing any primary physical activity. There are multiple methods floating on the web through which you can calculate your BMR by using your weight, height, and age as input. On an average, it comes to be 65% in most cases.

First, calculate the BMR and then the Adjusted BMR (that takes the daily physical activity into account). The result will be the number of calories we burn per day.

2. Activity level:

This count for the calories burnt during our waking hours and hence represents for 1/4th of the calories we burn. It varies according to the health status of the person; a Muay Thai fighter will have more shooting numbers than a normal one.

Considering this one, the average calorie deficit per day by most training camps is taken as 500. But you can calculate your dpending upon the level of activity done per day.

Finally, the basic calorie intake required per day can be calculated das

Calorie Burn-Calorie Deficit

This will be the final calorie intake.

Martial arts for better health

There are many ways to improve your own health. The premise here is, of course, that the health is one of the most important elements in your entire life – so it’s wise to make an investment into it. If you’re creative enough, you could find all sorts of different ways to work out for example – different sports and physical activities such as football, swimming, running, martial arts, etc. And one of the most potent ways to improve your health by working out is – you guessed it – martial arts.

Martial arts are a way of life for many people. They teach you, simply, how to become a better version of yourself. You will gain a lot in character development as well. But the best thing about it is that you will become a healthier person. Why is this so?

Well, if we put it simply – martial arts offer a way to move your body. And if you train Muay Thai for example – one of the world’s leading martial arts in existence – you will experience the intensity of the training sessions. This is no joke by the way. Expect that you will burn out when training, and visiting a Muay Thai training camp is perhaps the best thing you could do for your health.

The best Muay Thai training camps are to be found in the native country of this martial art – Thailand. Some of the best teachers in the world hone their craft over here. Moreover, Thailand is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. And of so many beautiful places from all around the world – the fact that Thailand is among the leading ones – this is a serious statement.

Now, what can you expect from a training session? Well, chances are that you will begin with a warm up. Perhaps run for a couple of circles on the mats, and do some gentle stretching, and jump on a rope. Then you will do the techniques for the day, and in the end, you will have some sparring sessions.

All of this may prove to be the miracle natural drug that will protect and improve your health.